Credit Card Addiction

Credit is a Disease

I saw a sign with these words in the movie Good Hair. It was on the wall of a beauty or barber shop. The sign caught my attention because it reminded me of the lessons we learned from Financial Peace University.

I started to really think about how using credit can become an addiction. We get a sense of false financial stability by relying on the money of someone else, rather than our own. We get the first high by buying something that we couldn’t afford and paying it off later. We continue to chase that high every time we run to the store to accumulate more stuff that we can’t afford. Only now, we don’t have the actual cash to pay it off as fast. Then we try to make small payments as a bandage, hoping that will keep everything intact. All the while, we are slowly destroying the cells of our financial future. We don’t realize the damage we have caused until we can no longer handle the pressure of the consequences from all the purchases we made just to get that fix. Finally, the addiction has caught up to us. Now, we are sick from stress because of the mess we created. Some begin looking for a treatment, while others set out for a cure.

This was a hard pill to swallow when I realized the mess that I had made during my early 20’s. When I found the cure, I vowed to never catch that disease again!


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